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kristina-flour-185592-copy-300x192A self-proclaimed madam is on trial for prostitution charges and may be in more trouble still after posting an ad online at The ad promised an extraordinary opportunity to work at a Chicago-based “members only” club. In the ad, she describes the “Premier Playhouse” as a kink-friendly place that has been providing “legal fun” for “over ten years.” Now, federal prosecutors want her jailed while she is awaiting trial on charges that she set up a bawdy house right here in Chicago.

No-fun prosecutors allege that 31-year-old Jessica Nesbitt (aka: Madame Priscilla Belle) set up a house of prostitution, conspired to commit prostitution, and illegally structured bank withdrawals to evade reporting requirements. 

Madame Priscilla has pleaded not guilty to all charges and has since been released on a $250,000 bond. As part of the bond release, she was restricted from doing any business through her company, Kink Extraordinaire. Nor is she allowed to have any contact with her former employees. Prosecutors have asked the federal judge to revoke Madame Priscilla’s bond. 

hans-vivek-223133-unsplash-copy-300x199South suburban Orland Park was home to a massage parlor that was recently closed. One of the masseuses has been charged with prostitution. 53-year-old Jihua Dun allegedly propositioned an undercover police officer, offering to perform a sex act in exchange for money. The former employee of Ty Spa gave the massage to the officer on March 7.

Law enforcement was prompted by complaints from patrons. According to a press release by the Orland Park Police Department, certain spa employees were “unlawfully touching” and propositioning customers. After allegedly propositioning the undercover officer, investigators entered the business and arrested Dun. She was released after posting bond and will appear in court mid-April.

The business license for the spa was immediately revoked after the arrest. The future of Ty Spa depends on the outcome of a pending hearing before Village officials. According to police, three years ago, a spa called Zy Massage was listed at the same address. It was also shut down because two employees were charged with prostitution. A police spokesperson said it was common for a new unrelated company to open in a location previously occupied by the same type of business for commercial purposes.

kristina-flour-185592-copy-300x192The owner of a massage parlor was arrested and charged with prostitution in an investigation launched by authorities in Wisconsin.

Undercover officers covertly investigated Asian Massage Reflexology in New Berlin, a city between Chicago and Milwaukee, after being informed that staff were engaging in sexual activity with clients in addition to the massages provided.

The owner, Jing Zhang, was charged with maintaining a place of prostitution. If convicted, she is facing a maximum sentence of six years in prison, according to court records.

drew-patrick-miller-4560-unsplash-copy-300x111In the state of Illinois, it is illegal to exchange a sex act for anything that has value. The charges brought against the defendants in prostitution cases are determined by their role as promoter, seller, or buyer.

For example, on November 1st, a man from Bellwood was accused of forcing a woman into prostitution in 2016 and 2017.

The crime of prostitution is only applicable to a seller who agrees to perform or knowingly offers sex acts for anything of value, which is cash in most cases. For the buyer, the criminal charges of solicitation and meaningfully patronizing a prostitute are applied.

max-bender-702436-unsplash-copy-240x300As many people know, prostitution is the act of engaging in some form of sexual activity in exchange for money or another item that has value. As many people also know, prostitution is illegal just about everywhere you go, and Chicago is no exception. A person is considered to have committed prostitution when he or she willingly engages in such an act, willingly accepts payment, and agrees to engage in any act related to or that can be considered prostitution.

Who can be Charged with Prostitution?

There are a few different people who can be charged with prostitution when a situation such as this arises. For the most part, there are usually three people involved in an act of prostitution – the prostitute, the customer, and the third party (pimp). Not all three will be discovered in the same location as the pimp is usually not with the prostitute when the crime occurs. But, some pimps are so widely known that law enforcement will be able to pinpoint which pimp the prostitute works for in the area.

A Lyons man was arrested last week and charged with two counts of promoting prostitution through a joint investigation by the Cook County Sheriff’s Vice Unit and the Berwyn Police Department. The alleged promotion of prostitution occurred on a website offering goods and services for sale.


Illinois Promotion of Prostitution

In Illinois a person commits the crime of promoting prostitution if he knowingly arranges, or offers to arrange “a situation in which a person may practice prostitution” and profits from his actions.

The word “knowingly” is important. Unless the prosecution can prove that the defendant knew he was arranging a situation where sex would be bought and sold, he cannot be convicted of promoting prostitution.

In a case like this, where the defendant was arrested based on information posted on a website, there are a number of different avenues the defense can explore that may cast reasonable doubt on the prosecution’s case. These may include:

Whether anybody else had access to the defendant’s computer. Posts to websites can normally be traced back to the user’s IP address. Using a team of computer experts, we could pinpoint the location of the computer which posted the ads, as well as the date and time of the postings, and determine who else may have had access to it. If the computer was the defendant’s, we would look at any roommates, friends or family members who may have had unrestricted access to it at the time the posts were made. If the posts were made at a public computer, such as a library, then proving the defendant made the posts would be extremely difficult, since any number of people could have accessed the computer.

What the defendant thought he was picking up. The defendant was arrested on his way to allegedly pick up proceeds from the prostitution operation. But the fact that he was on his way to a destination to pick up money doesn’t necessarily mean he knew what the money was for. He could have been told the money was a debt owed to the person he was getting it for. Or he may have been told that is was for the sale of an automobile or other property. He may not even have been told to pick up money, but rather simply to go and meet somebody at that location.

Whether any actual profit resulted from the alleged ads. A conviction for promoting prostitution requires that the defendant profited from the alleged prostitution. The defense would need to look closely at any money that the defendant made and whether the money came from payment for prostitution.

Whether the defendant had the means to offer prostitutes. Even if the defendant placed the ads, if he didn’t have the means to fulfill his offer, he cannot be convicted for promoting prostitution. For example, perhaps he was just pulling a prank and intended to video tape and post on social media any people who showed up with the intent of purchasing sex. Or perhaps he arranged to meet individuals who responded to the ads and intended to rob them of the money they had brought for payment. If the defendant did not have the ability to provide prostitutes to anybody who responded to the ads, the charges must be dismissed.

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