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police pull over
A few bad apples can spoil the whole barrel, or so they say. But in the case of some Chicago precincts where rogue cops are allowed to use their badges to commit crimes against its residents, this is all too true. Cities are discovering that the cost of allowing these rogue cops to patrol their areas can be high after having to pay out millions of dollars in settlements to victims of the overzealous misconduct of a few rogue police officers.

Police Misconduct at What Price?

The Chicago Tribune recently did a story on the subject of “police misconduct” and the cost of this misconduct to the taxpayers. The Tribune discovered that small pockets of police officers are actually costing the city millions of dollars in settlement payments to victims, not to mention the erosion of confidence and trust in law enforcement, when these rogue police officers are allowed to use their apparent authority over its citizens in order to harass and abuse them under “color” of the law.

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