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elti-meshau-208526-unsplash-copy-300x199A former Elgin resident has pled guilty to attempted murder and aggravated arson charges stemming from a 2017 incident. She was accused of entering her ex-boyfriend’s house in Roselle and then stabbing and attempting to suffocate a woman she found there. She then attempted to set the townhouse on fire. The woman she attacked and another man in the home were injured when they jumped out of a second floor window to avoid the fire that had been set. She then was accused of stealing a car to flee the scene. She has been held on $2 million bail since her arrest in July of 2017. She entered her plea in DuPage County court with the knowledge that she would be sentenced to 28 years in prison, according to The Daily Herald. At the time of her arrest, she was also facing additional charges of home invasion and possession of a stolen vehicle.

Attempted Murder in Illinois

Attempted murder in Illinois is a very serious charge. It is considered a Class X felony and is punishable by up to 30 years in prison.

Arson is a serious crime in Illinois. If you are charged with arson, you could be facing serious criminal penalties, including jail time. There are always defenses to an arson charge. However, the law can get complex and it is necessary to have an expert navigate the law if you have the misfortune of being charged with this crime.

Aggravated Arson

A 49-year-old male resident of Centralia, IL, John Brown, was taken into custody after a day-long manhunt. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department and Centralia Police Officers were able to locate the suspect on the 300 block of South Lincoln Street after Jefferson County Dispatch pinged Brown’s phone. Officials were taking action on reports and sightings of Brown until his phone was located.

IMG_1397When people think about crime, it is usually violent crime that comes to mind. Drug and gun related crime dominates the news, especially in the Chicago area. That said, property crimes are four times more prevalent in Chicago than violent crimes, and many such crimes are serious offenses. Being convicted of certain property crimes can result in serious consequences including incarceration and hefty fines and fees. Do not take property crime charges lightly. If you are facing any charges related to a crime against the property of another in the Chicago area, you need an aggressive Chicago criminal defense lawyer.

What are Property Crimes in Illinois?

Property crimes are those crimes involving the theft or the destruction of the property of another. The term property crime is an umbrella category under which many different misdemeanor and felony charges can be brought. Illinois recognizes numerous crimes against property, and defines property as anything of value. Some examples of property crimes Chicago-area residents are charged with include arson, burglary, shoplifting, and theft. Other property crimes include destroying or otherwise defacing public or private property, and vandalism. Different types of fraud, including identity theft, are also crimes against property.

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