Wrongfully Convicted in Chicago? Get Justice

javier-villaraco-235574-copy-300x225If you have had to serve a prison sentence, then you know the significant emotional and psychological toll you and your family have had to endure, not to mention the loss in terms of time and money. In Chicago, unfortunately, too many citizens are being jailed for crimes they did not commit. The city currently is dealing with dozens of cases from the past in which citizens were wrongly convicted and imprisoned. At the same time, innocent victims, with the help of experienced attorneys, can pursue justice and potentially receive lucrative payouts from the city for having their rights violated years or even decades prior.

The Implications of a Wrongful Conviction

Legally speaking, when police officers arrest and prosecute someone for a crime in Chicago, the law requires probable cause. Yet, too often, the city’s law enforcement officers engage in false arrests, malicious criminal prosecution, and wrongful convictions. As a result, too many innocent people end up spending months and sometimes years in prison for crimes they did not commit.

In fact, a group of men known as the “Marquette Park Four” is now suing the city of Chicago and the Chicago Police Department for being wrongfully convicted and imprisoned as teenagers in 1995 for a subsequently overturned double murder and robbery conviction. In a similar case, the city paid $9.3 million dollars earlier this year to James Kluppelberg who was wrongfully convicted of setting a fire back in 1984 that caused the death of a mother and her five children. Kluppelberg only confessed to the crime after allegedly being severely beaten by detectives under the supervision of former Chicago police official Jon Burge.   

Wrongful Convictions Entitle You to Financial Compensation

Trust that you are not alone in dealing with a wrongful conviction and that receiving justice and financial compensation is within your reach. Often times, clients receive inadequate defense in their original case, which makes them even more vulnerable to a wrongful conviction. Furthermore, do not be intimidated by police officers, prosecutors, or prison personnel in getting the justice you deserve. Know that you have the right to sue for damages and lost time for being falsely arrested and wrongfully convicted. Our firm will work diligently to investigate your case independently and consult with a team of trusted experts to build a compelling case for your claim while protecting your rights throughout the process.

Our Legal Firm can Help You

Attorney David Freidberg and his team offer more than 20 years of experience in dealing with wrongful convictions and related criminal legal matters in the Chicago metropolitan area. Our firm understands the urgency related to wrongful convictions as is available for consultations 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at your discretion. We boast an impressive track record of success in wrongful conviction cases, and we invest significant resources in making sure you receive the highest financial compensation for your time. Trust that we have cultivated a network of contacts and experts over decades that provides you with an edge in getting the justice and financial compensation you deserve.

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To learn more about how we can help with your wrongful conviction case, contact our firm right away for a consultation. Whether you are ready to take action or would still like to consider your options, call us immediately. Our consultations are totally confidential and come at no financial cost. We have three locations throughout the area in Chicago, Dupage, and Skokie. You can reach us by phone at (312) 560-7100, or simply submit our contact form and we will respond promptly.

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