The Right to a Fair Trial in Chicago

matthew-henry-35963-unsplash-copy-300x200A fair trial is one in which the jury or judge imparts judgement without any partiality towards anyone. The various rights linked with a fair trial are explained in Article 10 of the Declaration of Human Rights, in the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Any government’s key role is to maintain law and order in society. It is their duty to give fair punishments to a criminal while delivering justice. All of this comes with a great responsibility since convicting someone of an unlawful act is a serious step that will impact the rest of that person’s life.

Thus, the right to a fair trial ensures that people can feel protected and safe. They can know that the law is certain and fair for everyone in the nation. This also means that the government cannot abuse its power and thus can separate the guilty and the innocent.

Why You Need to Appeal for the Right to a Fair Trial in Chicago

The judicial system of the United States is not going to be perfect. Innocent people have been found guilty and undergo punishment for crimes they did not commit. This is when such people appeal to the court for the right to a fair trial.

The process of appeals tries to remedy such cases, wherein the law does not deliver the right outcome. Getting a chance to put forward an appeal is a great one and comes from the right to a fair trial. However, you can appeal for a limited number of times, and you should not waste this opportunity or take your right to a fair trial lightly.

Racial Bias Violates the Right to a Fair Trial

In a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling, racial comments that are made during a trial can violate the right to a fair trial of the defendant. It can also necessitate the review of the final guilty judgment. The decision by the apex court was given in the light of the Coloradan Miguel Angel Peña Rodriguez case, wherein a jury member said that he committed the crime owing to his nationality of a Mexican.

Chicago Courtroom Redesign Plan

The redesign plan for the Chicago’s Cook County bond court takes into account the right to a fair trial. The design was proposed by the international company, CannonDesign, which recreated the courtroom in alliance with the Civic Consulting Alliance after observing the court and interviewing many stakeholders, including detainees as well as justices.

The new courtroom seeks to make the hearing more humanizing for all the people involved in it. This court can change the life of the defendant since the judge decides whether they have to post bond and the amount to be paid for the release. This is why it becomes more significant to bring a change in the architecture and layout of the courtroom.

Get a Criminal Defense Attorney in Chicago

If you feel that your right to a fair trial has been violated, you can get a criminal defense lawyer. As a defendant, if you are found guilty at the end of the trial and in reality you are not, you can hire an attorney and file a plea. Since it is a long and complex procedure with a lot of guidelines, a lawyer can make it easier and simpler for you.

Moreover, in the Chicago court system, not all appeals are granted, which is why there is more of a need for an attorney who can fight your case and get justice for you. For the best legal advice related to the violation of the right to a fair trial, contact David Freidberg Attorney at Law at 312-560-7100. An experienced lawyer can give you the best guidance in this scenario.

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