When Does a Burglary Become a Serious Felony in Chicago?

jaanus-jagomagi-377699-unsplash-copy-200x300Burglary denotes illegal entry into a building with the intention of stealing property or money. In reality, burglary covers several possible circumstances. The recent burglary attempt in Naperville is one such instance. An 18-year-old and three other teens were involved. Charges of burglary can result in serious charges, depending on the situation.

Burglary as a Criminal Offense

Illinois law has listed several situations that constitute burglary. For instance, illegal entry can signify gaining entry under false pretenses. Normally, Class 2 felony is the sentence given for burglary. This can lead to a prison term of three to seven years, depending on the case.

The charges may turn more serious and become classified as Class 1 in certain circumstances. This happens when the burglary occurs in a school, daycare, or other child care centers or group care homes. This may earn a prison term of up to 15 years.

Hefty fines, court supervision, and other penalties are also possible based on the situation. In the Naperville burglary mentioned above, the main accused teen was charged not only with residential burglary but also aggravated assault against a police officer, the absence of a valid driver’s license, and possession of cannabis. The additional crimes will further increase the jail term and other penalties against him.

How a Burglary can Turn into Serious Felony

Illegal possession of tools for burglary also falls under the criminal offense. However, illegal possession of tools for burglary does not usually lead to a more serious felony charge. If the criminal trespass is proved but the intent is not established, the charges may be even less. For instance, the charges may be that of a Class 4 felony or misdemeanor of Class A category.

The charges will also increase depending on the presence of one or more individuals in the building during the burglary attempt. The use of a weapon or inflicting injury will lead to more serious charges, as well. Illinois law identifies burglary in residential homes under a separate category.

Dealing With Serious Felony Charges

You may be charged with residential burglary even by just being present inside a building unlawfully without the intent to commit a crime. By being a suspect, you can be charged with intent to commit the crime and other related charges. If the burglary attempt is in a child care facility etc., the charges will escalate further. If you are in such a situation, you need the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney in Chicago.

How an Experienced Attorney can Help

A criminal defense lawyer with extensive experience can help in representing your case in the best way. Your lawyer will check your case thoroughly and help you craft an effective defense. With reputable and experienced counsel, you can create reasonable doubt. For instance, if the violation of your rights occurs in any way, the attorney will use it to dismiss your burglary case.

Get the Right Legal Assistance

The legal system can be tough on those accused of burglary, especially in residential areas. Illegal entry with the intent of theft or other crimes is a highly punishable offense. You should employ an experienced attorney to help protect your rights.

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