16-Year-Old Charged With Murder During Crime Spree

A 16-year-old who was recently released from juvenile detention will face charges as an adult for murdering 53-year-old Guillermo Antonio Quiles. This will be the second teen to face charges related to Quiles’s death

Ricmeal King Bolden had just been released from a juvenile detention facility for a weapons charge and possession of a stolen vehicle. 

Presenting the Defendant in the Best Possible Way

Defense attorneys sometimes do not have strong cases to defend our clients with. In these cases, presenting the client in the best possible way may garner some sympathy when it comes time for sentencing. In fact, there will be situations where that is all we can do.

The public defender representing Bolden told the court that he is currently diagnosed with PTSD after having witnessed the shooting of his uncle and a friend. While this is no excuse for murder, it does explain why this individual’s life was diverted from the course of an upstanding citizen and toward a life of wanton violence. 

Psychopathy and Violence

The most recent science on the topic of personality disorders states that there are two distinct forms of psychopathy. While anyone can become a psychopath, some of us are genetically programmed to not feel the same way that others feel. One theory holds that psychopaths do terrible things in order to feel the same way we do. It is the only way they can trigger that feeling and because it is a good feeling, they want to do it over and over again. 

However, genetics does not account for situations where environmental factors cause a personality disorder to develop later in life. Those who have acquired psychopathy show better results when it comes to treatment. Those genetically predisposed to psychopathy tend to have a worse prognosis. Both tend to show abnormal brain scans when compared against the general population. Unlike the rest of us, some parts of their brain just do not light up.

The question then becomes: Can we make a distinction between those who have suffered severe violent trauma in their early lives and those who did not? The courts seem to think so.

While not entirely an “excuse” for violent behavior, early childhood trauma is linked to antisocial or Axis II personality deficits outlined in the DSM. There is no evidence to suggest that all psychopaths face similar problems.

For an attorney, bringing up serious early trauma might convince a judge not to impose a life sentence because there is a chance at rehabilitation, especially when it comes to someone so young. However, there is a man dead, a grieving family, and a strong likelihood that if the perpetrator was released, they would do the same thing again.

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