Victim Must Return to U.S. After Brutal Rape

ross-parmly-rf6ywHVkrlY-unsplash-copy-300x199Rufus Carson chose to reject a plea deal that would have lifted the burden of a trial for his victim, a Polish teenager who must now return to the U.S. to testify against him. Carson faces felony charges of aggravated criminal sexual assault, aggravated kidnapping, and attempted first-degree murder. Carson rejected a plea that offered him a 30-year prison sentence. As it stands, he may face life imprisonment for the litany of crimes he committed against this one victim. He will go to trial in March.

The victim and her family had hoped that Carson would take the plea deal because this would have prevented her from having to come back to the place where she was assaulted and face the man accused of assaulting her. It is more than likely that the prosecution will ask her details concerning the assault, forcing her to relive the event.

Carson Stalls for Time

Carson was hoping for a 25-year sentence, and that is precisely what the district attorney offered up. Carson would have been required to serve only 85% of the 30-year sentence meaning that he would have been up for parole in 25½ years. Carson was expected to take the deal, but asked the judge if he could wait until after the holidays. More recently, he asked the judge if he could have more time while his mother was sick. The judge rejected his request and told Carson there will be no more deals forthcoming. 

Victim Needed to Relearn How to Walk and Talk

Tragically, the extent of the girl’s assault was not only psychological. She suffered a traumatic brain injury during the sexual assault and required an extensive period of rehabilitation during which she relearned how to walk and talk. 

The girl was staying with a Chicago family for the summer. She was walking from the Chicago blue line to a nearby Starbucks when the attack occurred. Part of the attack was caught by CTA surveillance and private surveillance video. Prosecutors say that the video clearly shows Carson’s face. Carson can be seen chasing the victim up an escalator. Video from a neighboring property shows Carson placing the victim into a chokehold and dragging her into an alley. Audio catches the screams of the victim. It was then that police say Carson beat the victim and raped her multiple times. 

A half an hour later, witnesses found the victim unconscious and nearly dead. An EMT recalled that the victim regained consciousness for a few moments and told them that she was raped. She would spend the next several days in a coma at Northwestern Hospital. She was treated for broken facial bones and traumatic brain injury. Doctors recalled that her earliest attempts to speak were simply screams while she was in the fetal position. 

In addition to the witness testimony and surveillance video, prosecutors say they have a DNA match to Carson. If convicted, he could face 150 years in prison.

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