Tattoo Artist Accused of Sexual Assault While Out on Bond for Sexual Assault

This is part of the problem with the arguments against removing cash bail. The obvious thing is that cash bail does not prevent violent individuals from committing more violent crimes. It allows those who can afford to buy their way out of jail, do so. The idea that this makes you safer is silly.

Ending cash bail would give judges discretion over which cases an individual could be held for. In the case of sexual assault or other violent crimes, any form of bail would be denied. 

In this case, a man was accused of sexually assaulting several female clients to whom he provided tattoos. He was charged with the crimes, bonded out of jail, and then committed several more sexual assaults. On Wednesday, he was denied bail.

Analyzing the Criminal Complaint

The criminal complaint states that the accused lured women to his home with a Facebook ad offering tattoo services. He told the women to come alone due to concerns over the coronavirus. The women reported being sexually assaulted during the meetup. One of the women was 17 years old at the time. The accused denies the charges, but all three women were able to identify him from a lineup.

The Pretrial Fairness Act went into effect on January 1, 2023. The accused is facing charges dating all the way back to 2014. That means you cannot blame the cashless bail system for this individual being released. He was able to afford the bail payment and find more victims.

Who Opposes a Cash Bail System?

The bail bond industry is set to evaporate into thin air if every state goes cashless. So, that’s going to cause pushback. Republicans believe that the legislation will make the streets more dangerous, but preventing those accused of sex crimes from getting any form of bail feels a bit safer than only letting those with enough money pay out. Ultimately, those opposed to cash bail reform believe that there will be no bail at all. That is not what is being advocated. And while any major change will cause fear, the system we now have allows violent sexual predators to pay their way into a position where they can victimize more people. 

What is Next for Illinois After Cash Bail is Gone?

Everyone is cautiously optimistic that the new system is truly fairer than the old one and will not cause an uptick in crime. However, each time a pretrial release individual commits a crime, you will find it in the headlines as an example of why cash-free bail has failed. At present, we only have one month of data on how it is going, so this is how the old system worked. This is what everyone is afraid to replace. 

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