Police Officer Resigns After Shooting Police Officer

A police officer has resigned amid criminal charges that set off a battle between two Indiana police departments, each with their own version of what happened. According to the now-resigned officer, he was checking on an abandoned vehicle when another vehicle approached him. Believing that this vehicle had nearly struck him intentionally, the officer opened fire on the car. Inside was an off-duty police officer headed home. The off-duty police officer insists he did nothing wrong. 

The victim has called the officer who stopped him “a danger to society” and stated that “he doesn’t deserve to wear a badge.” The officer is a 13-year veteran of the force who was cuffed and taken into custody after the other officer shot up his personal vehicle. 

Anyone Can Become the Victim of Police Violence

It is difficult to have a conversation about police violence when the police unions staunchly defend every incident. However, the matter resolves itself when one police officer is the victim of another officer’s violence. Statistically, this is inevitable. However, it does not happen frequently.

On the other end of the victimization is another officer. Now, that officer is facing allegations that he attempted to “run down” another officer for no apparent reason with his personal vehicle. Now, the officer is facing the trauma of nearly getting killed and being shot at while he is simultaneously defending himself from attempted murder charges. 

If the officer was not a police officer or maybe even a decorated veteran of the police force, the individual making these claims of defense would have needed video proof to establish their side of the story. However, when it is your word against another police officer’s, it becomes impossible to leverage your status. He tried. He just failed. 

Now, the officer is facing criminal charges for reckless endangerment. It bears noting that the officer claims that he tried to move his vehicle away from the defendant as he was conducting a pullover. 

The Resignation 

The officer has since resigned from the Indiana police force to avoid a hearing concerning the incident. Two criminal charges remain, including felony criminal recklessness. Both dashcam and bodycam footage of the incident exists, but they have not been released to the public. Ultimately, it appears that the officer was on high alert when approaching the abandoned vehicle. Perhaps he feared an asymmetrical attack. Maybe he was a military veteran with PTSD. We do not know. All we know is that he placed another officer’s life in danger, and there appears to be no good reason for that.

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