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When we send our little darlings off to college, the last thing we want to worry about is whether they become a victim of a crime while at school. How can we be sure that we are sending them to a university where they will be safe? What should we be looking for when we are assisting them in choosing the right college; a college that we feel will not only give them a good education, but that will also provide them with a safe environment for the next four years of their young lives? The Law Street is a resource guide providing campus crime rankings for colleges and universities, as well as a comprehensive view of what parents and students can expect from the various campuses listed.

According to Law Street, all post postsecondary institutions that receive any form of federal financial aid for their students must monitor and report to the Department of Education any criminal activities on their campuses. This data is then published by the Department of Education every year in order to help colleges and universities understand the safety challenges that they face. It also provides a valuable research tool for families looking for the best and safest university to send their little darlings.

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