SUV Linked to Murder of G Herbo’s Friend

A Chicago man is being held without bail after police pulled him over driving an SUV suspected in the murder of G Herbo’s friend at a South Loop barbershop. Christopher Mosley, 29, was pulled over carrying a Glock featuring a laser attachment. While the gun was not loaded when police pulled over Mosley, they noted that he was carrying a lot of ammunition. Police did not mention why Mosley was pulled over in the first place. They only said that an SUV matching the description of Mosley’s was seen pulling away from a barbershop shooting. Mosley has not been charged with the murder. However, a judge ruled there was enough reason to order Mosley held without bail.

How Will Police Conduct This Investigation?

First, they will test the gun against the shell casings. The FBI invented an entirely new science for determining whether or not a specific shell casing can be linked to a specific gun. Like most FBI “science” (see profiling and facial recognition), it was just a lot of made-up silliness. According to the FBI, every gun leaves a unique marking on a shell casing. Ideally, every shell shot from the same gun would leave an identical marking. With due deference to science, for the method to work, the markings would need to be identical in every case. They could not be, for instance, substantially similar, pretty close, or within tolerance. They have to be identical. Nonetheless, the FBI was able to bamboozle juries into convicting people based on their made-up science. This made-up science will likely feature prominently in the case against Christopher Mosley.

Identification Based on SUV

The police have one piece of information legitimately linking Mosley to the G Herbo murder. It is an ID of the vehicle that left the scene after the murder. They cannot prove who was driving the vehicle even if they could prove that was the exact vehicle used in the shooting. 

So knowing that, how will the prosecution of Christopher Mosley unfold?

Right now, the police will be leaning on Mosley telling them that they can match the gun to the bullet. Whether or not they can is a matter of debate. But Mosley does not know that. So the police are hoping that they can take away Mosley’s belief that he will ever be exonerated from this crime. Then, hoping just to have the whole thing over with, Mosley might confess thinking he had no shot at trial anyway. 

Judging just on the basis of the information from the article, the police have no case. However, they are likely holding something back that connects Mosley to the shooting. It could be circumstantial evidence involving a dispute between Mosley and the victim, or it could be a witness who recognized Mosley at the scene. However, if the police are testing the gun, chances are they do not have any of that. If they did, they would not need to employ an already-debunked junk science to leverage a conviction.

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