Plot Thickens for Chicago Man Charged in Capitol Blitz

A week or two ago, we discussed the situation of a Chicago man who was being charged in connection with the Capitol riot that left one police officer and a couple of participants dead. It is important to understand that this individual was so divorced from reality that he actually posted photos of himself online outside Nancy Pelosi’s office. However, he later came to his senses and removed the photos. By that time, federal authorities had already caught up with him. They demanded that the man turn over video footage of the riots, which he gladly did. The charges against him have now escalated and include felonies.

New Felony Charges

Kevin Lyons of Chicago now faces three additional felony federal charges after turning over his phone to federal authorities. Those include:

  • Entering and remaining in a restricted area with the intent to disrupt the orderly conduct of official business
  • Felony disorderly conduct

Social Media: The Doom of Ignorant Criminals

The problem with many criminal defendants is that they do not understand that what they did was a crime. They tell themselves a story in their own mind in which they are the hero. In this story, they are not disrupting the U.S. government processes or democratic institutions. They are saving American democracy from those who are attempting to subvert it. In their minds, they are doing what is right. This is how they end up broadcasting their crimes all over social media.

Lyons not only posted photos and took incriminating videos of others doing illegal activities, he told everyone that is exactly what he was going to do and why he wanted to do it. He was attempting to save American democracy for President Trump, whom he believed had rightfully won the election. It was then that reality hit him over the head.

What Will Federal Authorities Do?

Federal authorities will continue to escalate the charges against Lyons until he figures out that what he did was tantamount to insurrection against a duly elected government carrying out its duties. Lyons seems oblivious to this fact according to the FBI. When interviewed, Lyons told police that he had nothing to do with the Capitol riots, but police showed him his Instagram post to which he responded, “Wow, you guys are good. That was only up for an hour.”

So, it is clear that he wants to play this off as some kind of joke, but the charges against him will continue to escalate until he faces the reality that he is going to prison, which is now more likely because of his candor and is a perfect illustration of why you should always have a lawyer represent you in your dealings with police.

Talk to a Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney

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