Retail Theft in Chicago: Can You Clear Your Record?

maique-madeira-256088-copy-300x200Retail theft in Chicago, Illinois is a serious topic. It should not be taken lightly because it can lead to severe penalties. However, with the help of a qualified retail theft lawyer, you can take a step forward to lessen or most likely even drop the charges against you.

What is Retail Theft?

Retail theft refers to the stealing of merchandise from a shop. Additionally, retail theft also includes the removing, altering, or changing of a price tag, label, or other such actions aimed toward robbing the retail value of the store’s property or merchandise. Under Illinois law, a retail theft is a felony or misdemeanor as per the criminal background of the defendant and the value of the items stolen. The retail theft can be expunged if some conditions are fulfilled.

Shoplifting Accusations

If you are accused or caught shoplifting, you must be aware that the store employees and security guards do not possess similar lawful restrictions like police officers. The store employees and guards can only detain the suspect in a rational manner for an acceptable time period. However, this does not imply that the suspect is arrested since it can only happen when the police arrive at the scene. Additionally, the store security guards do not need to wait for the guardian or parent of a juvenile before they interrogate the suspect or read the suspect his or her rights.

As is the custom, after a retail theft in Chicago, the suspect is prohibited from entering the mall or store. Moreover, only the store can decide if it wants to involve the police in the case. However, the suspect can still be charged with retail theft even though he or she never really left the outlet. This is when the stealing intent can be confirmed.

Clearing Your Record: Expunge or Seal

In case of a retail theft, the suspect can expunge or seal the case record and arrest when the case is dismissed or if the suspect pleads guilty. Moreover, if the suspect has to go through Court Supervision, the court record and arrest record can be expunged or sealed after two years upon the completion of the supervision on the basis of the suspect’s criminal history.

Attorney for Retail Theft in Chicago

If you are arraigned for retail theft, you should hire the best retail theft lawyer in Chicago, Illinois. A criminal record of retail theft can impact your whole life in a negative way. A lot of employers will hesitate to hire people with a record, particularly theft. Additionally, colleges can expel a student or deny admission to a candidate who is condemned for a crime. Thus, this is a grave issue and should be dealt with immediately.

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