Police Officer’s Son Accused in Triple Shooting

ryan-ei-cl8xcbco-unsplash-copy-300x200An ex-Chicago cop’s son is free on bail after being accused of shooting three people. 26-year-old Steven Bradley, Jr. is charged with attempted murder. His fiancee put up the $25,000 necessary for his release. 

The shootings occurred in Dolton, a small Chicago suburb that saw an uptick in criminal activity. Local law enforcement expressed shock and dismay that Bradley was allowed free on bail after being charged with three attempted homicides. 

Violent Crime and Bail

The Dolton village advocates who were outspoken concerning their disagreement that Bradley should be freed do have a point. In fact, the fact that Bradley was freed is more of a story than the shootings themselves.

It is rare in cases of murder or attempted murder for a suspect to be allowed to go free—unless they are rich or otherwise have a high profile. In this case, being the son of a former Chicago police officer may have been enough to get Bradley his $250,000 bond which only required a 10% down payment.

In this instance, the judge appears to have sensed that the evidence against Bradley was not sufficient to deny bail. 

Examining the Evidence

Prosecutors say that Bradley was in a car that pulled alongside another vehicle on S. Michigan Ave on July 6. They say that Bradley fired 15 to 20 shots into the other car. One of those shots hit the driver in the head, another hit one of the passengers in the neck, and a third passenger was shot in the leg. 

Bradley was seen on surveillance video exiting a vehicle that prosecutors say was used in the shooting. Police executed a search warrant of the car and found gun powder residue as well as a .40 caliber casing—the same ammunition used in the shooting. 

The judge asked police whether they conducted a photo lineup so that witnesses could identify Bradley. The prosecutor responded that they had not. The prosecutor referred the judge to the surveillance footage that apparently shows Bradley exiting the vehicle. 

Bradley only learned of the warrant for his arrest recently and peacefully surrendered to police once he became aware of the warrant. 

Bradley was convicted on two weapons charges both of which he served time for. 

The judge determined that there was enough evidence to charge Bradley with the crimes but there was insufficient evidence to deny Bradley bail. This was not a popular decision, but Bradley is not considered a flight risk nor is it apparent that he will commit another violent crime while awaiting trial. The judge reminded prosecutors that they have presented no evidence that Bradley is the actual shooter even if they turned up evidence that Bradley’s car was used in the shooting. 

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