Components of a Federal Drug Crime

nicolas-barbier-garreau-256433-copy-300x240A man from the northwest suburbs was recently charged with the illegal possession of guns and drugs. A judge denied bail for the 33-year-old for the crime. In a statement released by the Cook County Sheriff’s office, the Melrose Park resident has been charged with two counts for each of the following:

  • Unlawful use of a weapon by a felon
  • Drug possession and
  • Drug possession with the intent to deliver

After obtaining a warrant, police searched the man’s home on Lyndale Avenue. Authorities stated they found a .38 caliber revolver, an AR-15 rifle, a 50-round drum magazine and other ammunition.

They also confiscated $500 in cash, drug paraphernalia, and illegal substances including ecstasy, cocaine, marijuana, and crystal meth.

The suspect was arrested in his residence and held without bail. He is due in court later in the month.

Several drug charges in Illinois are felonies, meaning you will be sentenced to years in prison if convicted. A drug crime defense lawyer in Chicago will help you navigate the ever changing field of state and federal drug laws so a solid defense can be built for you.

Components of a Federal Drug Crime

The Drug Enforcement Agency published facts about drugs to give the public an idea about the effects and appearance of illegal drugs so they can avoid precarious situations. Being charged with a federal crime is a scary thing and can be overwhelming for many people.

Facing charges of this magnitude puts you in the path of additional challenges, as well.

Even first time offenders will be given severe penalties if their offense reaches the federal level. Those convicted repeatedly can spend the rest of their lives behind bars. Frequently, people charged with a federal drug crime are connected to a larger network. This connection significantly increases the penalties incurred.

There are many ways your sentence can be amplified and few ways to get out when encountering a federal charge. Because your options are limited and you do not have much time to make a decision about how to proceed, you need qualified counsel by your side.

There are several components to a federal drug crime case that will increase the scale of sentencing including:

  • Whether a firearm was involved
  • If the accused has previous felony convictions
  • If injury or death resulted from the drugs sold
  • The proximity of the offense to a school
  • If minors were given or sold drugs
  • If minors were used to distribute or sell drugs

Any one of the offenses above can add years to your sentence.

Hire an Experienced Drug Crime Defense Attorney in Chicago

If you are facing a drug charge, contact the law offices of David L. Freidberg. Our attorneys will do their best to help you avoid a conviction that will have a long-lasting effect on your life.

Offenses related to controlled substances are among some of the most frequent state and federal criminal charges in Illinois. Depending on the amount and the type of illicit substance involved, you may be facing years in prison, the inability to find gainful employment, and permanent damage to your reputation.

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