Boyfriend Named “Person of Interest” After Woman Turns Up Missing

The family of a missing woman is becoming increasingly more desperate as attempts to find her come up empty. The woman was on a cross-country excursion with her boyfriend at the time of her disappearance. Police have named the boyfriend a person of interest after failing to cooperate with the investigation. However, not answering the police’s questions is not an indication of wrongdoing.

Nonetheless, when police ask a close association of a missing person questions concerning their disappearance, their tendency is to assume that anyone who is impeding the investigation is responsible for the crime. However, police also tend to assume that boyfriends or husbands are responsible for the deaths of girlfriends and wives in a large cross-section of these sorts of cases. Hence, a boyfriend may be hesitant about providing information to officers who are prone to accuse him of the crime.

What happened?

The couple was on a cross-country trip together. The boyfriend, however, left 10 days early and returned to his home. His girlfriend has yet to be found. The family wants answers, but the boyfriend may not be in a position to give them. If they had some sort of fight during the road trip, and the boyfriend wanted to get out as quickly as possible, it would be unwise for him to assume that he is not a suspect in this case. He is likely remaining silent on the advice of his attorney and waiting for his girlfriend or her body to turn up. 

Another mysterious clue in the story is that the woman’s Instagram account has been deleted. Facebook issued a statement saying that the Instagram was deleted in error by algorithm. The account has since been reinstated. 

Other clues include a domestic disturbance in which the police were called on the couple. Police arrived at the scene, but neither party was interested in pursuing charges and there was no evidence of violence, so no arrests ensued. The last contact with the woman came through a video call with her mother on the 24th of August. Her mother said the two exchanged text messages, but she is no longer certain it was her daughter sending the messages.

The boyfriend

The boyfriend may be clamming up because all eyes are on him, but he is still the last person to see the woman alive, and he has refused to explain why he drove her van all the way back from Wyoming without her. The police will continue to scrutinize the boyfriend until he has answers to those questions.

Nonetheless, the chances are good that those answers would be incriminating. If, for example, the couple got into a fight and he took off in the girl’s van while leaving her alone in the wilderness, that is not something you would want to tell the police. Nonetheless, it is a whole lot better than killing your girlfriend yourself.

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