Woman Held After Stabbing Boyfriend Over Microwave Dispute

A Chicago woman is being charged with murder after stabbing her boyfriend to death. According to police, the incident was related to a dispute over who could use the microwave first. The woman was eight months pregnant at the time of the stabbing, and she and her boyfriend were living together, according to police. 

According to the press release, a dispute broke out over who was going to reheat their leftovers first, which turned into a shoving match. The boyfriend went to lie down in his room, but the girlfriend continued to argue. Eventually, she approached his bedroom with a knife. An uncle attempted to prevent her from getting closer, but she reached around him and stabbed the boyfriend in the thigh. He died after bleeding out from his femoral artery. She then dropped the knife and fled the scene, according to reports. 

The woman is facing one charge of first-degree murder and is being held without bond. As of the stabbing, police were called to five reports of domestic violence, with the defendant listed as the aggressor. All of these incidents occurred over a four-month period between June and September. In one incident that occurred in late August, the defendant was listed as the aggressor in an incident that left her boyfriend with a stab wound to the neck. The boyfriend refused to press charges over the incident. 

What Happened?

Sometimes, men act as if they cannot be victims of domestic violence. That is not true. In this case, failing to act on an attempted stabbing cost this man his life. While women are the victims of these sorts of crimes far more often than men, it is important to understand that men are every bit as susceptible to becoming a victim as anyone else. 

In this case, the defendant has no criminal record at all and suddenly faces charges of first-degree murder after numerous domestic complaints. It is not necessarily apparent right now, but if all of the complaints against her are directly related to this period of pregnancy, she may have a mental health defense at her disposal. The risk of developing a severe mental illness during pregnancy is rare, but it does happen. Pregnancy acts as a trigger for psychosis and other perception disorders, causing novel aberrant behavior in a patient. The prevalence of pregnancy-related psychosis is about 7 in 10,000. Is that what happened here? A good defense attorney would investigate this possibility. 

Generally speaking, individuals with poor impulse control leave a trail of criminal conduct behind. In this case, there is no trail of criminal conduct. Instead, you have a period of pregnancy actuating this emotional instability. At least her criminal defense attorney will exhaust this possibility prior to accepting a conviction of first-degree murder. It certainly feels like there’s more to the story than an angry woman getting stabby over having to wait a few minutes to reheat their food. On the other hand, a man with a pregnant lover should probably let the lady go first. 

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