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Top 10 Reasons You Need a Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney

If you find yourself in trouble with the law, guilty or innocent, you should call on the services of a Chicago criminal defense attorney. There are a number of crimes of which you might be accused and an experienced lawyer helps you defend yourself. Whether you need to prove your innocence or that your crime was justified, a Chicago criminal defense lawyer guides you through the stressful, and sometimes intimidating, legal process.

1330873_courthouseThe American legal system is complicated. You might think you understand how things work because you have watched courtroom dramas on TV, but things are never simple enough to be resolved in an hour. A criminal defense attorney is able to help you navigate the confusing legal system.

  1. Criminal defense lawyers have studied the legal system. They are familiar with local, state and federal laws. They understand the nuances of the legal system and if there is a way to interpret a law in your favor, a Chicago criminal defense attorney will be able to do so.
  2. Criminal defense attorneys have experience. Attorneys have spent their careers working with the law and have used it to help clients before you. They are also familiar with the individual personalities in the local legal system. A Chicago criminal defense lawyer is likely to know the prosecuting attorney, as well as the judge. This insight helps you a great deal during legal proceedings.
  3. A criminal defense attorney acts as your personal representative. No matter whether you are facing a Chicago drug charge or a simple Chicago battery charge, your lawyer will listen to your side of the story. Even if it feels as if everyone is judging you, your lawyer is on your side. Everyone deserves justice and your lawyer will see to it that you get yours. You will be represented fairly and everything you share with your lawyer will be confidential.
  4. A lawyer from a Chicago law firm knows the routine and will assist you during the bail process, when you appear before a judge and throughout the case.
  5. If you are not released on bail, they will meet with you in jail and talk confidentially. During the meetings you will receive information about the proceedings, so you know what to expect during each phase of the process. Legal counsel helps you anticipate what happens next and provides you with information so you do not say or do something that can be held against you at a later time.
  6. They are aware of the evidence that will be used against you. During the discovery process, attorneys are required to share evidence with one another that will be presented during the trial. For instance, if you have been accused of driving while intoxicated, the prosecution will have to share any information they have concerning your blood alcohol results or eye witness testimony with your DUI defense lawyer. This gives you and your attorney a chance to build an argument against the evidence beforehand.
  7. Your attorney will work to select the best possible jury for you. An experienced Chicago criminal defense attorney will choose jurors that are most likely to treat you fairly during your trial.
  8. They know how to battle the prosecution and are trained at focusing on the weaknesses of their case. They might also be familiar with the courtroom style of the prosecuting attorney and frame their case to weaken the prosecutions argument.
  9. They understand the appeals process. Should you lose your case, your attorney can build a felony defense to be heard in a higher court.

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