Chicago Arrest News – What to do When a Loved One Has Been Arrested in Chicago

It is always a shock to hear about a friend or family member who has been arrested.  While we assume that our friend will be treated as “innocent until proven guilty”, this is not necessarily the reality in every situation.  Many times, police officers and detectives alike will take advantage of a person’s lack of experience with the criminal justice system, which could lead to the inadvertent disclosure of incriminating information.  Moreover, they also regularly fail to inform people as to the full scope of their rights, including their right to have an attorney present during various stages of the legal process (i.e. during interrogation and police line-up, etc.).  If you find out that someone you love has been arrested, it is crucial to consider the following steps to help them protect their legal rights:

  • Obtain as much information as possible. The first thing you need to do is to find out where your loved one is being held.  If he or she doesn’t know, then contact your local police department to see if they can help you locate them.  When you speak with your loved one, find out what the charges are but do not allow them to tell you what happened. Your phone conversation could be recorded and held against your loved one later on.
  • Encourage your loved one to remain silent and to request an attorney. Don’t let your loved one make any statements or submit to any tests without the presence of an experienced Chicago criminal defense attorney.  Also, it is important to advise the police officer or detective to not speak with your loved one until his or her attorney is present.
  • Take detailed notes.  Be sure to write everything down, including the time that you were informed of your love one’s arrest and thereafter.  This will not only help you keep things straight during this stressful time, it will also help your loved one’s attorney get the facts and start working on your defense.
  • Find a competent criminal defense attorney.  As soon as you find out that your loved one has been arrested, it is crucial to find an experienced criminal defense attorney to help protect their legal rights.  Do not hire the first attorney that comes along.  Make sure that the attorney with whom you meet is familiar with the criminal justice system and, who knows the judges and applicable court of your jurisdiction.  Having this level of familiarity can make a huge difference in your case.
  • Post bond.  In most cases, a criminal judge will determine the appropriate amount of bail following your loved one’s arrest.  Specifically, bail guarantees that your loved one will appear in all court proceedings following his or her release from jail.  Jail bonds are available to cover the bail amount, get your loved one out of jail, and enable them to seek immediate legal representation.
  • Be wary of any deals that are offered, including those that seem too good to be true.  Many times, various people involved in the interrogation process will attempt to make promises in order to influence your loved one to talk.  However, it is crucial to realize that these individuals may not actually possess the requisite authority for their promises to hold any weight.  With this in mind, do not accept any plea bargains or promises until an attorney has become involved in your case.  He or she will certainly be able to “see through” these unfair police tactics and guide you accordingly.


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