Tinley Park Police Officers Arrest Man Suspected of Grisly Murder

Police surrounded the home of a Tinley Park man who was suspected of slaying a woman. The man had barricaded himself in his home and was surrounded by SWAT for hours before the arrest was made. Local residents were told to shelter in their homes while the standoff continued. The suspect has been charged with one count of first-degree murder

While the investigation remains ongoing, the police believe that the man killed a 30-year-old woman. He was apprehended by police after a domestic call. Police found the victim’s body near where the domestic call had been called in. According to police, the man stabbed the woman several times. He had lacerations on his own face as well, likely defensive wounds. 

Suspect Has a Lengthy Criminal History

The suspect in this murder has a lengthy criminal history. He has been charged with domestic violence in the past, including an attempted first-degree murder charge. He was sentenced to prison in 2013 for aggravated battery and causing an accident that led to injury or death. 

The prosecution will use evidence of his prior arrests to establish the suspect was the type of person who could kill a 30-year-old mother. They will also have the benefit of DNA evidence to potentially link the suspect to the murder of the victim. 

First-Degree Murder Charges in Illinois

The defendant is facing first-degree murder charges for the death of the victim. That means that he will face a mandatory minimum of 20 years in prison. Given the grisly nature of the homicide, he could face life in prison without the possibility of parole. 

First-degree murder is the most serious charge you can face in Illinois. It differs from second-degree murder in a few important ways. First-degree murder is charged when the defendant has an actual intent to cause death or great bodily harm or the perpetrator knows that their conduct has a significant risk of death. Illinois also has a felony murder rule in which a person can be charged with first-degree murder if someone dies during the commission of specific felonies. 

Second-degree murder is charged when the details of the crime would constitute first-degree murder, but there are mitigating factors involved. If the act was committed while the perpetrator was in a state of suddenly-excited passion, authorities may charge the suspect with second-degree murder. Also, when a suspect uses excessive force in their own defense, they can be charged with second-degree murder. 

Illinois does not really recognize the crime of voluntary manslaughter. Voluntary manslaughter can only be charged when the victim is an unborn baby. Instead, a case that would be charged as voluntary manslaughter is charged as second-degree murder.

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