The Increase in Social Media Abuse and Torture Cases in Chicago

fabian-grohs-396734-copy-300x240Social media serves the useful purpose of encouraging individuality and creativity in users. Although a majority of the content on social media is harmless, it can turn lethal when it turns abusive. Crimes on social media are on the rise. This includes abuse of a specific group of people or a specific person.

Posting videos of torture and other crimes is another instance of social media abuse. The recent Chicago crime of a woman, Brittany Covington, and her accomplices who abused a mentally disabled man with racial insults and torture is one such instance.

Overstepping Social Boundaries

Popular social media network sites like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube thrive on instant and global involvement. Registering and starting an account on social media is an easy enough process that unfortunately allows fake accounts to be made. What is worrisome about the various likes, shares, etc. is the way the media can be improperly used.

More and more illegal, abusive, and hateful content is being posted. For instance, Facebook Live has a feature that can allow any person to broadcast a video via his or her smartphone. While this feature is for sharing heartwarming memories, there have been several instances of abuse and even murder. From torture and child abuse to gang rape, people can use the platform for recording violent acts.

Since these platforms often lack necessary safeguards to control such content, people often overstep the boundaries by posting death threats, sexually abusive language, and hate speech.

The Chicago incident is a prime instance of such misuse. A group of teens had tortured a mentally disabled man. They also filmed the incident and posted it on Facebook. The accused were charged with several crimes including hate crime, kidnapping, and battery.

The judge banned Covington from using social media for four years. She also needs to perform community service for 200 hours. While Covington is the main perpetrator of the crime, an investigation is ongoing regarding the fate of the other three people involved.

The lure of a global audience often overcomes common sense. Such live broadcasts can provide ample proof for police to nab the offenders and punish the criminals.

Facing Criminal Charges

Harassment and physical abuse videos on social media attract widespread attention. The victim and the accused are both under limelight. This makes providing justice to the victim and punishing the accused more difficult.

If you are involved in a similar social media abuse case, you will need a strong counsel for avoiding harsh punishment. A reputed lawyer can provide the knowledge and resources needed for handling the case effectively. An experienced lawyer can assist you with the technical details that such cases require.

Getting Legal Aid

If you are accused of committing abuse and torture on social media in Chicago, you stand the risk of prosecution in Circuit Court. The outcome of a legal suit may be dismissal of the charges or conviction via a trial. In such an instance, you will need the aid of a criminal defense lawyer.

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