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Shoplifting is a common criminal charge in Chicago, encompassing a range of actions from stealing merchandise to altering price tags. The consequences of a shoplifting conviction can be significant, affecting not only legal records but also future employment opportunities and social reputation. Understanding the nuances of Illinois law regarding shoplifting, including how to defend against such charges, is essential for anyone involved in such a case.

Understanding Shoplifting Under Illinois Law

In Illinois, shoplifting is legally referred to as retail theft and is governed by the Illinois Compiled Statutes 720 ILCS 5/16-25. This law defines retail theft as knowingly taking possession of, carrying away, transferring, or causing to be carried away or transferred any merchandise displayed, held, stored or offered for sale in a retail establishment with the intention of retaining such merchandise or depriving the merchant permanently of the possession, use, or benefit of such merchandise without paying the full retail value.

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