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If you are accused of money laundering, the government is alleging that you committed some act to disguise the origins of illegally obtained money, with the goal of “washing” the money and making it into legitimate money. People are accused of money laundering in a variety of circumstances, but an easy example to help you understand is from the television show Breaking Bad. The main character amasses a pile of money from the production and sale of crystal methamphetamine. He then purchases a car wash to launder the “meth” money and “cook the books” to make the money legitimate. That is one way people are accused of attempting to launder money, but there are others.

Money Laundering Charges are a Big Deal

If you are charged with money laundering, you are facing federal criminal charges. The federal government charges people suspected of money laundering under a number of different statutes, including the Federal Money Laundering Control Act and sometimes the Patriot Act.

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