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As a seasoned DUI defense attorney in Chicago, I understand the significant responsibilities that come with holding a commercial driver’s license (CDL). Commercial drivers operate large and potentially hazardous vehicles, which makes safety a paramount concern. Consequently, commercial drivers are subject to stricter blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limits and enhanced penalties compared to non-commercial drivers. These enhanced regulations are designed to ensure the highest level of safety on the roads, but they also mean that commercial drivers face more severe consequences for DUI offenses. In this article, I will discuss the relevant statutes, the stricter BAC limits, the potential penalties, and provide answers to frequently asked questions about DUI laws for commercial drivers.

Relevant Statutes and Stricter BAC Limits

In Illinois, the legal framework governing DUI offenses for commercial drivers is primarily found in the Illinois Vehicle Code (625 ILCS 5/). Specifically, 625 ILCS 5/6-515 outlines the prohibitions and penalties for commercial drivers who are found to be driving under the influence. Under this statute, a commercial driver is prohibited from operating a commercial motor vehicle with a BAC of 0.04% or higher. This is significantly lower than the 0.08% BAC limit for non-commercial drivers, reflecting the higher safety standards imposed on those who operate larger and more dangerous vehicles.

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