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The story of the defrocked priest, Daniel McCormack is back in the news. This time, because the prosecution has decided to drop the sexual assault charges against him stemming from a 2005 case involving the abuse of a then 10-year-old boy. In this case, the prosecution was seeking to have McCormack declared a “sexually violent offender.” If successful, the prosecutors would have been able to have McCormack removed indefinitely from society.

The Crime

Since the 1980s there have been a number of accusations involving the Catholic Church and its priests concerning alleged sexual misconduct and cover-ups. These cases started coming to light as now adult victims began to recount incidents of abuse, at the hands of these priests, that happened to them when they were children. The allegations of cover-up by the Catholic hierarchy permitted these priests to continue with this conduct, unabated for many years, by moving the abusive priests from one parish to another, allowing for the continuation of the abusive behavior. See

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