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A Chicago public schools security guard is facing charges that he had an inappropriate sexual relationship with a 15-year-old student. The guard was suspended pending an investigation and now more allegations have surfaced. The security guard is now facing two counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse of a minor. The students, who are 15 and 16, say that the security guard touched them inappropriately. Both students were male. The second victim informed his mother of the incident, which is when authorities became involved. They traced their way back to a second victim.

What is Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse?

Aggravated criminal sexual abuse, as opposed to criminal sexual abuse, is sexual abuse plus any one of a number of aggravating circumstances. Aggravating circumstances include the use of a weapon during a sexual assault, the use of drugs to induce a sexual assault, a victim over 60 years of age, or a minor victim when the attacker is an adult. In most cases, aggravated sexual assault is considered a second-degree felony in Illinois. However, when an adult perpetrator and minor victim is involved, it escalates to a class-one felony. 

Ever since the Larry Nassar allegations broke, more instances of doctors using the authority of their practice to commit sexual assault against patients have been revealed. USC recently lost a multi-million-dollar lawsuit over allegations that a campus gynecologist assaulted students. Still, other allegations have been made against EMTs who sexually abused patients who were critically ill. Claims have been made against VA doctors for sexual assault of former veterans. And now, a NorthShore University gynecologist has pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual assault against former patients. 

The victims told police that the former doctor asked them inappropriate questions and touched them inappropriately. The doctor was sentenced to three years in prison with 170 days credited. More victims may have been present at the trial, but as of yet, only two have come forward. One of the victims said she only contacted police after similar allegations against the same doctor appeared on the News. Thus far, this doctor is facing nine civil complaints filed by former patients that he acted inappropriately. NorthShore is also facing allegations that they failed to act on reports of misconduct and allowed other patients to be assaulted.

Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse

gavelBeing charged with sexual assault in Illinois is serious, and if you are convicted of sexual assault, you face some of the heaviest penalties levied for any crime in the state. There are several categories of criminal sexual assault in Illinois, and although they all carry the potential for severe penalties, some are worse than others.

What is Criminal Sexual Assault?

Criminal sexual assault in Illinois, or rape, is charged when an individual commits an act of sexual penetration against another person without their consent. Criminal sexual assault is also charged in cases where the victim is not able to give consent, such as when the victim is intoxicated, mentally disabled, underage, or otherwise legally unable to give consent to have sex.

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