Serial Killer Investigated in Possible Connection to Slaying

Clark Perry Baldwin was arrested just recently for his apparent ties to three murders of women in the 1990s. DNA evidence also tied Baldwin to a rape in Texas. Baldwin is accused of scouring America for women to rape and then murder. Most of the victims’ bodies were recovered in Wyoming and Tennessee.

Iowa police are looking at Baldwin as a likely serial suspect and have begun the process of connecting him to other unsolved slayings. Baldwin was a long-haul trucker, potentially leaving bodies all over the country.

Cold Cases are Getting a Second Look

One case that investigators are going to take a long look at involves Tammy Jo Zywicki, a college student from Iowa who was last seen when her car broke down on an Iowa highway. A man driving a semi was seen near Zywicki’s vehicle. Her body was found later in Missouri.

Another case involves Rhonda Knutson, a 22-year-old convenience store employee who was bludgeoned to death during an overnight shift. Investigators have sketches of two men who were in the store, and Baldwin was known to live in the area. One of the men was described as a trucker. 

Baldwin faces two counts of murder in Wyoming and another two in Tennessee where the bodies were discovered. Authorities have yet to identify the women in Wyoming, but the woman whose body was found in Tennessee was named Pamela McCall. She was pregnant at the time of the murder, so Baldwin has been charged with both deaths. 

Investigators were able to develop a DNA profile for Baldwin based on evidence collected from McCall’s body. This connected Baldwin to the Wyoming murders. Investigators were able to find Baldwin using the controversial method of matching his profile to commercially-available genealogy sites. Investigators collected trash and DNA harvested from a shopping cart to match Baldwin to the deaths. 

Baldwin Never Tried on a Rape Charge

In 1991, Baldwin was arrested in connection with a rape allegation in Texas. Authorities believed the account of a woman who told them that Baldwin had raped her at gunpoint. According to someone, Baldwin allegedly admitted to raping the woman, but the case never made it to a grand jury, which is exceedingly rare. 

In 1992, Baldwin’s ex-wife told police that he bragged to her about murdering a woman and throwing her off of his truck. Baldwin was also arrested in 1997 when secret service agents raided his Missouri home and found evidence of counterfeiting. Baldwin and an associate were charged and convicted of the crime. Baldwin served 18 months in federal prison. 

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