Restoring Your Life and Reputation Following a Felony Conviction

smn-bcc-601011-unsplash-copy-300x200If you are facing a felony charge in Chicago, you are likely worried that your life will be turned upside down, and rightfully so. There is no way to pinpoint what is going to happen if the case goes to trial and you wind up with a conviction and subsequent sentence. The even more unlikely assumption is what will happen to you once you have served your time. How will you assimilate back into society? Will your friends and family accept you with open arms? Here are some tips for restoring your life and reputation following a felony conviction.

Narrow Employment Search

One of the first things you need to do once you are released from prison is begin your search for employment. Depending on the crime you were convicted of, it could very well leave you with a narrow search. For example, if you committed any type of white collar crime, you likely will not be able to get a job in the banking, finance, or securities industries. If you committed a sexual offense, you will not be able to work in the education field.

You will need to work somewhere so you can pay your bills, find health insurance, and pay for a place to live. At the outset of your post-conviction life, you might need to work odd jobs or hourly wage jobs as you rebuild your reputation, eventually moving into a position with a full-time salary with just one company.

Honesty is the Best Policy

A felony conviction is going to follow you throughout the rest of your life unless you somehow can get it expunged, which could be difficult, but not impossible. After a period of being a good citizen, you could have the record sealed, which would help to expand your opportunities for employment. This means that every single background check you submit to will find the conviction. The best policy here is honesty. Be honest when filling out a job application or when going on job interviews. Lying on your application to only have the conviction come back on a background check will get you nowhere.

Repair Relationships

On your road to conviction recovery, you will likely have to repair some of your personal relationships. Depending on the crime you committed, some of your friends and family members might have washed their hands of any involvement with you. This can be a tough pill to swallow, and rightfully so. Now is the time to make amends with them. Show them you are on the right path and invite them to your new home. It might take a bit of time to make a good impression, but it will be worth it in the end.

Apply for a New Driver’s License

Some felony convictions, such as felony DUI, lead to your driver’s license being revoked. After a set amount of time, you might be eligible for a new license. Once that time has passed, you can apply for a new driver’s license. You might need the help of a criminal attorney to ensure all the proper paperwork is completed correctly. Regaining your driving privileges can go a long way toward finding gainful employment since you will not have to rely on others or public transportation to get around.

These are just a few of the ways a convicted felon can restore his or her life and reputation following a felony conviction. Are you ready to begin your life anew following a felony conviction in Chicago? Call the office of David Freidberg to discuss your situation at 312-560-7100. Mr. Freidberg is an experienced criminal defense attorney who can answer your questions and provide guidance.

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