Powerful Chicago Attorney Charged With Sexual Assault

The DA’s office is charging David Pasulka with sexual assault, aggravated criminal sexual abuse, and criminal sexual abuse charges related to allegations dating back to 2012. Pasulka, a prominent Cook County family law attorney, is being accused of acting too friendly with a female associate at his law firm and then raping her on the couch of his office. Another female associate leveled similar charges against Pasulka.

Pasulka’s case will involve two accusers discussing three separate incidents. 

Examining the Charges

Pasulka was set to argue before the Illinois Supreme Court. He had taken a female associate along with him and allegedly grabbed her leg and started massaging her thigh. Later, he called the female associate back to his office. There was no one else in the office at the time. She alleges that he forced her to have sex with him on the couch of his office. 

Another woman made similar allegations against Pasulka. She says that Pasulka touched and fondled her without consent. Pasulka later said he was looking for a “team player” and that she “could always say ‘no.’” However, Pasulka later said, “she was always saying ‘no’ when she should have been saying ‘yes.’”

According to his accusers, Pasulka told them he was extremely powerful and that any attempt to bring these allegations to light would negatively impact their careers. 

Pasulka served on the board that selects guardians ad litem for children in divorce cases. In another incident, he allegedly told a mother that she would have to do “a little extra” to get custody of her children and be a “good girl.” He proceeded to put his hand under her shirt. The woman attempted to move away from him. He told the woman that she should come back later to fulfill her end of the bargain, but she never came back. The woman went back to her attorneys and told them what transpired. She proceeded to file a police report against Pasulka. However, Pasulka had her sign a release that prevented her from suing him for inappropriate advances. 

Pasulka, who is being represented by Laura Morask, said that there was an agenda behind the charges and none of them were true. Pasulka has openly admitted to being an alcoholic and is currently in treatment. If he posts bond, he would be released into a sober living facility. 

Pasulka is facing very serious charges. Not only would he face significant prison time, he would also lose his law license, and his reputation would be destroyed. His attorney did not allude to what agenda was being fulfilled by charging Pasulka with these crimes, but that is more often than not the case with lawyers. They do not want to commit themselves to an argument that pushes them into a corner. 

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