“Operation Legend” Reportedly Cracking Down on Illegal Guns

President Trump’s “Operation Legend” has been underway now for about six weeks. In that time, federal agents have charged looters, rioters, and others with 42 felonies (and counting). Surprisingly, however, the feds appear to be targeting felons with illegal weapons. 

The feds, of course, are assuring the media that there are several anti-gang operations happening right now. These operations involve confidential informants, aerial surveillance, and dangerous street work. However, looking at the numbers, the majority of those who have been charged during Operation Legend are felons in possession of weapons. 

Feds Target Man Parked 12 Inches From Curb

Federal agents saw a Lincoln Town Car parked more than 12 inches from the curb. They ended up searching the vehicle (which they had no right to do without the driver’s consent) and turned up a Glock .45 and some drugs (crack and heroin). Anthony Hamilton, the vehicle’s driver, is now facing federal charges under Operation Legend. Hamilton was on parole for a 2018 conviction also for being a felon in possession of a weapon.

Another man, Jermaine Sutton, was arrested after police received a call concerning a man with a gun. Sutton was arrested after a short foot chase. Officers say they saw the butt of a 9mm poking from his pocket. Sutton has faced charges related to drugs and weapons.

In another incident, police found Dwayne Spraggins with an open alcohol container. As police approached, Spraggins appeared to attempt to dump a weapon underneath a parked vehicle. Police recovered a .45 caliber Glock. Spraggins had a felony conviction dating back to 2010.

Meanwhile, the President claimed that federal agents have made over 1,000 arrests related to Operation Legend. A spokesperson for Chicago police put the number closer to 350. 

Being a Felon in Possession of a Weapon

18 USC § 922 defines weapons charges that are filed by the federal government. It is illegal for an individual with a felony on their record to even attempt to purchase a gun or get a license for a gun. If the felon is found in possession of a gun, they will face the federal charge of being a felon in possession of a weapon. Subsection (G) is where you will find specific laws related to weapons possession.

According to this fact sheet, 95% of those charged under federal gun legislation were sentenced to jail time. However, the length of their imprisonment was wildly different based on whether or not the specifics of their crime triggered a mandatory minimum sentence. About 20% were sentenced using mandatory minimums and about half of those were sentenced under “Armed Career Criminal” statutes. The average sentence was 75 months or, six years and three months.

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