Murder Rates in Chicago

max-bender-702436-unsplash-copy-240x300On January 27, 2019, a man was charged with attempted murder after he shot a Chicago police officer. 32-year-old Swaleh Mohammed was arrested the night of January 26 and has been charged with six felonies. It is alleged that he shot a Chicago police officer in the officer’s protective vest when law enforcement was responding to a domestic dispute in the neighborhood of West Ridge.

Police were called to Swaleh’s home at approximately 6:45 p.m. and found him inside with a gun. He barricaded himself inside and, according to police, appeared to have some type of mental disability. He then shot at police who returned fire, but did not hit the suspect.

One of the responding officers was hit in his vest, but was unharmed. He was taken to the hospital and reported in good health.

Swaleh was taken into custody and subsequently to a hospital to evaluate his mental health. Authorities have charged him with multiple counts of attempted murder in addition to three felony counts of aggravated discharge of a firearm.

A Chicago murder criminal defense attorney can fight for your rights so you can possibly avoid a homicide, murder, or manslaughter conviction that will cause irreparable damage.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, there were 1,490 deaths as a result of firearms in Illinois in 2017. There were 1,157 deaths as a result of homicide. The Congressional Research Service produced a publication that thoroughly examined recent violent crime trends in the U.S.

Chicago’s Murder Rate Compared to Other Cities in the U.S.

The overwhelming majority of homicides in urban areas are the result of gun violence. Contrary to claims made by our current administration, the murder rate in America is not the highest it has been in 45 years. If one were to strictly believe what is reported by the media, he or she would believe Chicago is the murder capital of the country, which it is not.

The FBI Uniform Crime Report shows the murder rate in the country was highest around 1992 and has steadily declined since in cities with over 250,000 people. One of the reasons the murder rate in Chicago has decreased is that the FBI and Chicago Police Department now work together to fight crime.

It is no secret that Chicago has a significantly high murder rate. Repeatedly, the windy city documents that highest number of total homicides in a year. But on a basis that is calculated per-capita (per 100,000 residents), Chicago consistently has fewer murders than other cities such as Cleveland or Kansas City, Missouri, which do not get as much media attention.

According the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program, St. Louis had the highest homicide rate in 2017 with 66 murders per 100,000 residents. Baltimore was second with 56. Chicago was ninth with 24. Columbus and Nashville were at the bottom of the list with 16 each.

An Experienced Murder Criminal Defense Attorney in Chicago

The defense of murder, manslaughter, or homicide charges will take skill and a lot of preparation. Criminal defense attorney David L. Freidberg will challenge law enforcement, witnesses, and those testifying against you. He will get to the bottom of issues such as:

  • Why were you arrested?
  • Did the police violate your rights in any way?
  • Are there any witnesses who can corroborate your story or who have not come forward yet?
  • Are there any others being investigated in the same case?

You do not want to lower your standards for representation by settling for a lawyer who is appointed by the court or has no interest in genuinely proving your innocence. David knows how to acquire expert testimony, make the best use of DNA evidence, and review police reports to successfully defend you in court.

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