Chicago Police Accused of Sexually Assaulting Teen While on Duty

The third Chicago police officer accused of excessive force over the past week has now been charged with a crime related to his conduct against a teenager. Authorities are accusing the officer of intentionally using his flashlight in an inappropriate manner and jamming it between the teen’s buttocks while he was making an arrest. 

The officer, who is a lieutenant on the force, has been charged with aggravated battery and official misconduct, both of which are felonies. According to investigators, the teen was handcuffed at the time that he was sexually assaulted. After the incident, the officer told him, “That’s what you get for carjacking.” 

The entire incident was caught on a bodycam. The teenager was fully clothed at the time of the incident, but it has raised enough red flags that the lieutenant has surrendered his badge and will now have to defend himself in criminal court. Unfortunately, there is no possible reason that you can give that would make it okay to sexually assault a teenager. 

Why isn’t he being charged with sexual battery?

That is a good question. Two other cops have been charged with crimes related to excessive force this week and they are both facing identical charges to the aforementioned defendant. None of those individuals is accused of sexual battery, however. This police officer is accused of intentionally using a department-issue flashlight against a minor. Anyone facing similar charges would almost certainly be facing a sex crime charge. The sex crime charge would remain on their record for the rest of their lives, and they would likely be required to register as a sex offender. He would not be able to retain his job as a police officer and would likely surrender all or part of his pension.

The officer who is facing charges related to the flashlight has faced more than 40 civilian complaints over the course of his career. However, only one of those complaints have been sustained. In 2011, he was reprimanded by the department for improper lockup procedures. 

Also in 2011, the officer was involved in an incident that later turned into a lawsuit. An arrestee alleged that he was chased by three police officers while unarmed and then shot twice, once in the chest. The other bullet took off his pinky finger on its way past his face. The officers were accused of lying about the injured man who was later charged with aggravated assault. The case was settled for $200,000.

He was also involved in an incident where he kicked in the door of an apartment to conduct a warrantless search. That lawsuit was settled for $18,000. Another lawsuit involving the same officer resulted in a $60,000 settlement. The officer was accused of falsely arresting the victim and kneeing him in the abdomen. 

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