Chicago Man Found Guilty of Rape of 15-Year-Old Girl

A Chicago man was recently found guilty of the rape of a 15-year-old girl while she was walking home in 2017. The 66-year-old defendant had been charged with two counts of rape, attempted rape, criminal confinement, armed robbery, and battery with a deadly weapon. The defendant was convicted on each of the seven counts and faces a maximum prison sentence of 146 years behind bars. The defendant rejected a 40-year prison sentence in a plea deal offered by the state. 

According to the charges, the defendant had followed the 15-year-old girl down the street as she was walking home. He dragged her into an alley, where he raped her, according to prosecutors. The same defendant has another count of rape filed against him. He has been charged in Chicago with raping another woman at knifepoint in East Chicago. 

Sexual Assault Charges in Chicago, IL

In Illinois, the crime of rape is known as criminal sexual assault. It occurs when a defendant forcibly rapes another individual. In many cases, the defendant is accused of using a deadly weapon in the crime. In the case mentioned above, the defendant is accused of using a knife to threaten the victims and force them into a vulnerable position in which he could rape them. 

Those who are charged with criminal sexual assault face a lifelong stigma as a convicted sexual predator. Sexually motivated offenses are among the most serious and have the longest prison sentences of any crime prosecuted in Illinois. In Illinois, those convicted of rape charges are expected to register as sex offenders, often for the remainder of their lives. 

Subjecting an individual to harm or the threat of harm to force the individual to engage in sexual penetration without their consent is one form of sexual assault. The sexual penetration must include contact between sexual organs. These can include the mouth, vagina, or anus. There is no requirement under the law that the perpetrator must excrete semen for the prosecution to prove their case against the defendant. 

Criminal charges for sexual assault depend on the type of force used and the harm caused to the victim. Serious penalties result from charges related to sexual assault. Rape is considered a class-1 felony under Illinois law. It can result in a prison sentence between 4 and 15 years and up to 60 years if the offender has a previous offense of sexual assault on their record. 

Aggravating factors include the use of a weapon. In the case mentioned above, the perpetrator was charged with several crimes related to a single rape. This can happen under Illinois law. Prosecutors will aggressively pursue the maximum sentence against those charged with sex crimes in Illinois

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