Chicago Man Faces Murder Charges in Shooting Death of 18-Year-Old

A Chicago Heights man has been charged with the death of 18-year-old Jacquise Baylock. The 18-year-old was fatally shot near a boys and girls club. 25-year-old Jason Hinton is the second man to face charges for the death of Baylock. LaQuan Tolliver is also named in an indictment and there may be as many as two other men who are believed to be involved in the shooting, although their names have not been released by police. 

Police say that a woman confessed on behalf of all the men involved. She told police that she had lured Baylock to her residences where Tolliver, Hinton, and others lied in wait for an ambush. When Baylock got there, the men killed and robbed him. 

Love Triangle Gone Wrong?

Police believe that the men had talked about killing Baylock multiple times. The girlfriend, who has not been charged but likely will be, told police that she lured Baylock to the Gary home so that her boyfriend and three friends could kill him. She also told police that her boyfriend was “jealous” of her relationship with Baylock. The girlfriend had been with the boyfriend for four to five years but admitted to wanting to pursue matters with Baylock. 

Was She Coerced?

The girlfriend has not been charged because she alleges that her boyfriend forced her to lure Baylock to a pre-selected location where they would set up the hit. Her boyfriend allegedly told her that if she did not comply with the request, she would “die in that car with him.” 

So, she will argue that she should not be held accountable for her role in the hit on Baylock because she was threatened with death for failing to comply. This is a legitimate argument and valid defense to the charges she faces. It is likely why she has not been charged by police for the killing. It is also likely that she will provide the lion’s share of the testimony against the three men.

Another valid question is: Why hasn’t the boyfriend been charged? It is unclear if the boyfriend will be charged, but it sure sounds like he should be charged. If it is true that the boyfriend set up the murder, then that would be a conspiracy to commit first-degree murder. While he may not have fired the gun himself, he appears to have set the entire thing up and then benefited from the man’s death, having stolen his money and killed a potential suitor for his girlfriend.

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