Chicago Legal Guidelines for Prosecuting and Defending Mass Shooting Cases

antonio-grosz-148540-copy-300x200Many people in Chicago find it hard to believe that criminals involved in any mass shooting have a chance to defend themselves. This is because of the seriousness of the offenses that result from this crime and the restrictive nature of Chicago gun laws. With the right legal advice, however, an individual charged with a mass shooting can successfully defend his or her case.

With the United States facing the worst mass shootings in the modern history, it is likely that these incidences might stir action on gun control. If you look at Chicago, there were over 4,000 victims of crimes related to guns in 2016 alone. This means that we have to come up with measures that will actually bring a real impact.

History has shown that mass shootings mainly happen in places where victims cannot defend themselves. These include churches, learning institutions, and other places where people are not allowed to carry guns. According to research, all the public shootings in the US have occurred in locations where citizens are banned from carrying guns, except for two cases. In Europe, all the mass shootings have taken place in areas where citizens are banned from carrying guns.

Legal Guidelines for Prosecuting and Defending Mass Shootings in Chicago

The state of Illinois has one of the most restrictive gun laws in the US. Therefore, district attorneys and the law enforcement agencies are extremely aggressive when investigating and prosecuting firearm offenses. Under the Illinois law, a mass public shooter will be charged with aggravated or unlawful discharge of weapon and murder. Moreover, the defendant might also be charged with other offenses like illegal possession of a firearm if he or she is not a licensed gun holder.

Unlawful discharge of a firearm is considered a serious criminal offense in Chicago. This is because it poses the risk of potential injury or death to other citizens. Even minor charges like being in possession of a firearm without proper licensing can lead to harsh consequences. With the number of possible offenses resulting from mass shooting cases, defending a person may prove difficult. Thus, there is great need of securing the services of an experienced and reliable attorney. This should be a defense attorney who can deal with all the likely challenges of gun-related and murder cases.

An aggravated discharge offense applies when an individual discharges a firearm in a manner or under circumstances that appears to endanger the lives of others. These acts include firing at others, firing into a structure or vehicle, or using a silencer when firing a firearm. A conviction of aggravated discharge of a firearm by the prosecution will expose you to a class 1 felony conviction. According to the Illinois law, such a conviction is punishable by a four to a 15-year term in prison (Illinois Department of Corrections). This may also up to a $25,000 penalty.

Defending yourself from mass shooting charges is a huge challenge. You should assert your right to counsel immediately. This is because all the offenses connected to the mass public shooting are regarded as felonies. You should seek legal advice to help you mitigate the punishment that comes with such serious charges.

In conclusion, there has been a rise in cases of mass shootings in Chicago and entire US in the recent years. It is important to understand that it can lead to serious offense charges. Fortunately, despite the harsh nature of the consequences that go with these offenses, an arrest is not a conviction. Contact David Freidberg Attorney at Law at (312)-560-7100 to help you develop an effective defense to fight such charges.

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