Chicago Contributes 14% of the Nation’s Shootings Over Labor Day

With problems concerning “progressive prosecutors” now a major wedge issue in the political arena, you should expect to hear about the weekly number of shootings and murders in Chicago regularly. Are we really that bad, though? What about NYC and Los Angeles? How many people got killed there over the weekend? 

Before we answer that question, it is important to understand that Chicago has its own unique problems and these comparisons are never as useful as they seem. However, it appears that Chicago will win the Labor Day contest as to which city contributed the most casualties to the weekend. In most cases, these attacks will be targeted and gang-related. In some cases, stray bullets will hit unintended targets. In other cases, disputes erupt in public that are solved with bullets. 

How are Other Cities Doing With Gun Violence?

New York had a total casualty count of 22, with seven dead. In Philadelphia, there were over 20 shootings that left 14 dead. Chicago only posted nine deaths but over 47 shooting incidents with gunshot victims were reported to the police. Hence, there were more shooting incidents in Chicago than in New York and Philadelphia combined. Per capita, however, we did better than St. Louis which remains the murder capital of the United States. Seven were killed and 19 were shot in St. Louis over the weekend. St. Louis’ population is just under 300,000 whereas Chicago has ten times that number. So, if you are looking for a reason to feel good about Chicago and the Bears do not look like they are going to do the trick this year, then you can always take solace in the fact that Chicago has a lower murder rate than St. Louis.

Why is Gun Violence So Bad in Chicago?

There is no one reason that everyone agrees on. Most people will blame whoever is conveniently situated as their enemy. They blame gun rights, progressive prosecution, rap music, and fatherless homes as the potential culprits. The real question is: why does Chicago have a higher rate of gun violence than Los Angeles and New York, the only two cities in the country that are larger than we are? The answer may have more to do with location than anything else. Two coastal cities in states with strict gun laws have less of an issue controlling the flow of guns into their state than a city like Chicago, which is a nexus for a lot of different areas of the country. In other words, we are in a trafficking hub. Where there is drug trafficking, there is gang violence and this accounts for the majority of shootings you see in the Chicago area. 

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