Chicago Armed Robbery Charges Likely When Bank Robbery with Hammer is Apprehended

Having been charged with Chicago armed robbery, you are aware that this is one of the most serious types of charges you can face.  In fact, probation is not even an option.

According to the FBI, a man in Park Ridge, Illinois, armed with a hammer, proceeded to rob a bank, getting away with an undisclosed amount of cash. It was noted by those at the scene that the robber appeared extremely nervous and agitated during the crime, luckily however, no one was injured. The man has not yet been apprehended, however when he is caught, he will likely be charged with armed robbery. It is worth noting that, in light of the above story, anyone considering committing the crime of robbery should remember that sometimes others fight back when they perceive a credible threat to their safety.  For instance, a 62-year old Chicago shop owner defended his store and his brother-in-law who was in the shop, by swinging a baseball bat at two robbers as one of them opened fire. The shop owner and one of the gunmen suffered gunshot wounds and the robbers—who fled the shop—were later identified through surveillance video. One suspect was apprehended and is currently being held on charges of armed robbery and attempted murder. The shop owner is expected to make a full recovery. police-line-970702-m

Chicago Armed Robbery is considered a violent crime, involving the use of force or the threat of force. The circumstances surrounding the crime will have considerable bearing on the charges, as well as the eventual sentence. If the robbery was perpetrated on an elderly or disabled person or if serious bodily injury occurred in the commission of the crime, the charges will increase accordingly.  Armed robbery occurs when a deadly weapon is used or when the person being robbed was threatened with the weapon. Prior robbery convictions or even a history of unrelated criminal charges can make the sentencing more severe. If you were on probation or parole when you were arrested for armed robbery, the felony charges may be escalated to a higher class. In some cases your criminal defense attorney might be able to negotiate your charges down to a lesser offense.

Although many people believe robbery is one of the most-often committed crimes, in fact it is down the list at number five, following larceny-theft, burglary, motor vehicle theft and aggravated assault. If you have taken part in an armed robbery, be aware that the charges are very serious and that there is a very narrow window of time between your arrest and the prosecutor’s decision to file charges against you. Those with an experienced criminal defense attorney by their side stand the best chance of avoiding criminal charges. The consequences of an armed robbery conviction can include:

·      A permanent criminal record

·      The necessity of submitting to random drug testing

·      Restitution

·      Steep fines

·      Jail or prison time

·      The inability to obtain a student loan after your prison sentence has ended

·      The inability to obtain a job, work with children, obtain a professional license, run for public office or own a firearm once your prison sentence has ended

·      A negative impact on your ability to obtain employment

Your Chicago criminal defense attorney will assess your individual situation thoroughly then determine the best course of action. Some potential defenses include:

·      Failure to read the Miranda rights to you

·      An illegal search or seizure

·      Your alibi for the time of the robbery

·      A claim of mistaken identity

·      The lack of intent to commit the crime charged

In a Chicago armed robbery charge, the stakes are high and you need a criminal defense attorney who will look at your situation from every angle in an attempt to diminish the state’s case. Chicago attorney David L. Freidberg is such an attorney. Mr. Freidberg has been aggressively defending his clients for over twenty years. As your criminal defense attorney Mr. Freidberg and his staff of seasoned legal professionals will use every resource at his disposal to obtain the best outcome for you. Mr. Freidberg is genuinely interested in your future and will conduct a careful investigation of your case in order to expose potential improper police tactics. In order to receive a confidential consultation, contact us at 312-560-7100 or through our website.

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