Man Arrested for Attempted Rape of Postal Worker

A Chicago man was arrested after the attempted rape of a female postal worker in Little Village over the weekend. According to the police report, the postal worker found the man waiting for her in her truck. An altercation ensued, and the postal worker was able to escape. However, the man then stole the mail truck. He has since been charged with attempted criminal sexual assault and vehicular hijacking. The postal worker was taken to a hospital and released.

The Post Office offered a $50,000 reward for anyone with information leading to the man’s arrest. The surveillance video image shows a clear shot of the defendant’s face. 

The defendant faces a litany of charges, any one of which could put him behind bars for decades or more. With the volume of major felonies he is facing, the defendant is unlikely to see the outside of a prison cell again. They have him at least on grand theft of government property and battery on a government employee. The victim will provide testimony as to the rest of the elements of the prosecution’s case involving attempted sexual assault. 

The Details

The victim and the assailant met at a convenience store where the assailant was paying for items, and the victim was waiting in line behind him. When the victim returned to her mail truck and drove away, she noticed movement in the back of the truck. A man attempted to reach out and grab her hair, threatened to kill her, and advised her to drive toward a nearby parking lot. After arriving at the parking lot, the assailant demanded she remove her clothing, and when she did not, he grabbed her. She was able to slip out of her clothes and get away from the assailant. The topless woman sought safety at a nearby shop and was given a t-shirt. So, they also have him on attempted sexual assault. 

After the video was shown on the news of the attacker, he was turned in by his relatives. The attacker is a registered sex offender with previous convictions for home invasion. In other words, he is a serial rapist. He had been living with his mother and aunt prior to his arrest.

Life Sentence Likely

A guy who opportunistically stalks a woman he met in line at a convenience store for a spontaneous sexual assault has gone more or less feral. They will get him on sexual assault, carjacking, and attacking a government employee, and with sexual assault priors, they’ll make sure he never sees the light of day until he’s too old to hurt anyone. In some ways, it is lucky that he was caught before he could actually carry out an assault on someone. The postal worker’s escape ensured that this will be the last time he stalks a member of the public. 

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