Kelly Attorneys Request to Withdraw Two Months Before Trial

Kelly’s attorneys have petitioned the court to withdraw from Kelly’s Chicago trial two months before the trial on racketeering charges is set to begin. According to the attorneys, they have asked to withdraw after two junior attorneys demanded a larger role in Kelly’s defense. The attorneys sent a letter to the presiding judge requesting withdrawal from the case. While they did not give their reasons, the letter indicated that it would be “impossible” to continue to represent Kelly.

Essentially, it appears as though two junior attorneys are being given a greater role in the criminal defense of Kelly, much to the chagrin of his head counsel. The judge can decide, if they are so inclined, to deny the request. The attorneys have requested a hearing to address the issue.

That could be the most likely outcome given that numerous delays have resulted in the forestalling of Kelly’s prosecution. It is unclear, however, that Kelly would benefit from another delay, as he has been incarcerated here in Chicago since January. He is currently charged with racketeering, numerous sex crimes, and coercing or influencing witnesses and jurors. 

What Happens Now?

Kelly is facing multiple charges in multiple states. As such, he has a very large defense team. The New York attorneys who were representing him in that state appear to have gained his trust. Kelly is hoping to move forward with them as opposed to his Chicago counsel, or the New York attorneys have demanded a greater role in his Chicago proceedings. According to his Chicago legal team, the New York lawyers who have gained his trust have never tried a federal case before in their lives. Meanwhile, Kelly has refused to meet with his Chicago legal team. While Kelly is facing federal charges, he is facing different federal charges in each locale.

How Did This Happen?

Well, lawyers can be pretty convincing people. For example, they may be able to convince a client to dump their experienced team to pursue a different avenue. Since Kelly has refused to see his legal team in lieu of the New York upstarts, we can safely imagine a space in which these attorneys convinced their client to go with youth over experience. In most cases, this is simply a matter of telling the client what they want to hear, a luxury defense attorneys do not have.

In truth, we have to tell our client extremely harsh truths about the situations they face. Sometimes the odds are not surpassable. Kelly could be one instance of a client who is essentially dead to rights before the trial begins. While both Chicago attorneys have passionately advocated for Kelly even years before the Chicago allegations broke, too much truth can be hard for defendants to hear. But comforting lies often result in false hope, and convincing a client that their prospects are better than they are is a form of cruelty, especially since it will now be the new attorneys’ names in the headlines.

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